30 Series

Crown Seating/NAPA Stools

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30 Series Dental Stools
This series is specially designed for dental hygienists. The oval and saddle style seats alleviate pressure on the upper led during extended periods of work. The tilting back offers a better range of mobility and comfort. This series includes all the high quality standard features and the 20 series. Such as:
  • Polyurethane Bases
  • Chrome Covered Non-Marring Casters
  • Chrome Cylinders for Pneumatic Height Adjustment
  • Fixed Foot Rings on All Assistant's Stools


Vail C30HS Small Hybrid Saddle Seat Hygiene Stool
Crown Seating/NAPA Stools 30 Series Dental Stools
Standard Features
Stool: Dual Lever Adjustment
Back: D-Shaped
Seat: Small Hybrid Saddle
Cylinder: Standard - Plastic Base
Base: Plastic - Beige
Casters: Carpet - Beige
Cushioning: Standard Foam
Upholstery: Standard Vinyl


  • "Posture Perfect" Hybrid saddle seat creates unparalleled comfort.
  • Full tilt adjustment allows user to sit comfortably while working.
  • Extra thick backrest provides superior lumbar support.
  • Unique hybrid saddle allows better circulation in the lower leg.
  • Short seat pan depth eliminates "perching" on the front of the seat.
  • Five-leg plastic base provides improved stability.
  • Choice of different height list mechanisms provides a wide range of adjustment.


Weight: 31 lbs
Stool Base Diameter: 23"
Floor Seat Pan Height: 23"
Seat Measurements: Width 19" Depth 14.5"
Item  #
C30HS Hygienist's stool - stitched with plastic base, saddle seat, thick D-shaped backrest, Height 14"-19", Full tilt for back & cushion $422.06

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