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Hyperion X9

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Hyperion X9

MyRay Hyperion Digital Panoramic X-ray System

Hyperion 3d X-ray Imager Click on thumbnail to view large image.



Hyperion X9 series is a modular concept which covers all aspects from 2D panoramic imaging, through cephalometric exams up to cone beam 3D with true full arch volumetric scan capability.

Hyperion 3d X-ray Imager

New X9 App for iPad : Hyperion X9 has just been awarded a special recognition for excellent design. A great way to launch a new product!

Hybrid solution : Hyperion is an integrated multiple platform, so even if you just take the panoramic imager today, you can upgrade as far as the 3 in 1 solution at any time in the future. Each upgrade you may choose will have little or no impact on your operating hours. Including the full calibration procedure, an upgrade (even to 3D status) will result in no more than 2 hours downtime.

True full arch capability : Whereas small FOV are suitable for localised diagnostics, a full arch volumetric scan of typical adult dentition is only technically possible with an adequate FOV. In real clinical conditions, any scan with a less than Ø 10 cm FOV would not include the full arch, with a substantial risk that some data will always be missing.
For this simple yet paramount reason, HYPERION X9 scans with a Ø 11 cm FOV.

Hyperion 3d X-ray ImagerHyperion 3d X-ray Imager

Multiple FOV : Hyperion X9 can be fitted either with a large or a small image detector. This choice will determine your 3D capabilities. In the case of a small image detector, the height of the scanned region is limited to 5 cm. This is tall enough to cover the jaw bone and the occlusion level and with Ø 11 cm you are sure to include third molars and their surrounding bone structure. 

Hyperion 3d X-ray Imager

High resolution, low emission : Hyperion X9 offers two different scan resolutions in 3D modality, for all available FOV. Premium quality diagnostic images with sharp definition and remarkable detail are achieved in 75µm voxel peak resolution with 9 seconds exposure time. Exposure time is limited by pulsed mode emission.

Hyperion 3d X-ray Imager

NNT  4 : The best clinical software in the business : High-speed processing, multilevel user interfaces, implant simulation with pre-loaded libraries, exportable data in DICOM® format, compatibility with third party software and, above all, a supportive software environment which makes your life much easier.

Adaptive interface : With NNT 4 software, users can select between different interfaces according to their professional needs.  This ranges from oral and maxillofacial surgery for dental surgeons to the more specific needs of a radiologist. Whatever your requirement, the interface is adapted to your speciality.

Implant planning : Accurate data including bone density, position of the mandibular canal and virtual implant models will make implant surgery a faster process.

Pre-loaded libraries : A wide selection of implant models will aid in simulation in the implant planning phase. You can also generate your own made-to-measure models if it is not included in the libraries available.

Third party compatibility : All files are compatible with third party software, as data is exported in DICOM standard format. Data has been validated by all major and most widely-used third party implant systems.

Technical data

Hyperion 3d X-ray Imager
Hyperion 3d X-ray Imager
Hyperion 3d X-ray Imager

Power supply specification

  • voltage: 115 - 240 Vac, 10%, with automatic adaptation
  • frequency: 50 / 60 Hz 2 Hz, with automatic adaptation
  • current: 7A at 240V, 15A at 115V, nominal temporary peak absorption
  • current absorption in standby mode: max 1A

Technical factors

  • anode voltage: 60 - 85 kV, automatic and manually selectable in steps of 1
  • anode current: 1 - 10 mA, automatic and manually selectable in steps of 1, in the whole kV range
  • mA and kV pattern modulated in real time during X-ray exposure
  • automatic compensation of the spine absorption
  • duty cycle 1:20 at full power operation (85kV, 10mA)
  • focal spot 0.5 IEC 60336 (1993)
  • inherent filtration: 3.4 mm Al equivalent, at 85 kV
  • embedded X-ray shielding behind receptor, 1.5 mm Pb, exceeding requirements of IEC60601-1-3
  • exposure time: panoramic adult in 9.3s, child dentition in 7.3s
  • teleradiographic exposure time: from 3.6 seconds to 10 seconds depending on the examination
  • exposure time range: 160ms 14s (R10 scale)

Image acquisition device

  • technology: CCD (charge coupled device)
  • direct exposure protection: FOP (Fibre Optics Plate)
  • pixel size: 48 x 48 m
  • grey levels: 16384 - 14 bit A/D conversion
  • resolution: more than 5 LP/mm

Image file

  • panoramic image size, max: 1528x2797 pixel (16 bit)
  • ceph image size, max: 2291x3125 pixel (16 bit)
  • transfer time: max 10 sec for complete presentation on PC screen (Ethernet)
  • panoramic file size: max 8 Mb uncompressed
  • ceph file size: max 14 Mb uncompressed

Installation Requirements

  • weight: 159 kg (351 lbs)
  • weight with teleradiographic arm: 187 kg (412 lbs)
  • telescopic motorized column
  • wall or floor support, free standing base available
  • dimensions in millimetres (and inches) - see scheme

PC requirements

  • supported operating systems: Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or later, Microsoft® Windows® Vista, Windows® 7
  • display setting: 1024 x 768 or higher, 32 bit true colour

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XHYPX900 Hyperion X9 Panoramic Imager - pan only, future upgradeability to CBCT $46,990.00
XHYPX9C1 Hyperion X9 Panoramic Imager - pan only, future upgradeability to CBCT,ceph arm w/ movable pan/ceph sensor $61,350.00
XHYPX9C2 Hyperion X9 Panoramic Imager - pan only, future upgradeability to CBCT, ceph arm w/ two dedicated sensors $72,990.00
Spare Parts And Accessories
70850131 X9 Ceph Upgrade to C2 (post initial install, incl ceph arm ceph sensor) $34,970.00
70800500 3DTS and rayMage imaging software $1,287.00
70800100 Cushion inserts for forehead supports (10pcs) $232.70
70800101 Hygienic Sheaths for Hyperion bite-block (500pcs) $149.50
70800200 Handheld X-ray Control switch $253.50
70860200 Supporting Device for carpus exam $302.90
70800900 Easy access, free-standing base suitable for wheel chairs $2,977.00
70800901 Standard free-standing base $1,937.00
X9EX1YWA X9 One (1) Year Extended Warranty (parts only, up to 3 additional years)** $4,537.00
X9ONSINST X9 On - site installation and calibration by MyRay technician $3,835.00
XONSTECS On - Site Service by MyRay Technician / per Hour $234.00


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