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Optiblast Micro-Sandblasting System
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The Autoclavable Precision Sandblaster for Better, More Predictable Bonding

Abrasive micro-sandblasting is a popular procedure used intraorally and in the dental lab for increasing bonding strengths prior to repairing or cementing restorations. Treatment with the Optiblast prior to bonding can increase the surface area of metals, porcelains, and composites up to 400% and greatly increase the resultant bonding strengths. The non-recirculating design also makes quick and easy work of everyday micro cleaning and roughening tasks in the lab.

Optiblast is one of the highest value and easiest to maintain systems available, and is superior to other microblasters on the market. The entire body of the Optiblast is autoclavable (many others only have autoclavable tips) and a precision, commercial-grade needle valve is used to accurately control airflow (others use a less expensive pinch valve system). The unit is FDA registered for intraoral use, but is equally at home in the lab thanks to the companion Opti Workstation dust collection system. It's another great value from Buffalo Dental, a proven leader in dental products and supplies!


  • Small body (6 1/2" long x 5/8" diameter) minimized fatigue and improves access.
  • Precision fingertip-controlled needle valve provides superior tactile sensitivity
  • FDA-registered for intraoral use
  • Autoclavable body and tips, and solid construction minimize maintenance requirements
  • Available 0°, 60°, 90°, and 120° replacement tip options
  • Tip can be rotated to reach virtually any intraoral location
  • Complete kit includes Optiblast with 60° Tip, 1/16" ID Air Tubing, and a sample bottle of 50 micron Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media
Item #
36700 Optiblast II Microblaster Finishing System Intro Kit (Including 60 Degree Tip, 3' Tubing, and Spare Bottle of 50 Micron Blasting Media) $173.53
36700TA Tip Assembly $12.50
36600 Replacement Media Jar (with lid) for Optiblast $4.78
36556 Lab Disconnect Kit (includes Disconnect Coupling for Connecting Optiblast in a Lab) $26.87

Optiblast Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media
Buffalo Dental Sandblasters
Item #
36590 Aluminum Oxide, 50 Micron, 1LB. Refill $13.67
36594 Aluminum Oxide, 50 Micron, 4LB Refill $32.98

Opti Workstation
Buffalo Dental Sandblasters
The Ideal Lab Workstation for the Optiblast with Built-in Dust Collection The Opti Workstation is a brightly illuminated, easy to use, small dust collecting cabinet for use with the Optiblast, electric handpieces, or other dust-producing devices in the office or lab.


  • Small size (11" wide x 12" deep x 8 1/2" high) fits easily on countertops
  • Hinged top window and internal light fixture provide bright illumination for clear viewing
  • Dual, wide hand holes allow comfortable hand positioning and access to large workspace
  • Efficient suction fan and filter collecting damaging grinding debris and maintain quiet operation
  • Additional 120V AC power outlet on the back of the unit for operating electric devices
  • Hinged rear door for easy cleaning
  • Built-in Dust Collection
* Opti Workstation w/o Suction has 2 7/8" OD Port on back of unit
Item #
36560 Opti Workstation with Suction and Light, 120V AC $433.59
36565 Opti Workstation with Suction and Light, 220V AC $449.65
36570 Opti Workstation without Suction, with light 120V AC $374.18
36575 Opti Workstation without Suction, with light 220V AC $390.24
67056 Replacement Filter for Opti Workstation $19.12
67058 Replacement Front Window For Opti Workstation $23.14
67055B Replacement Light Bulb for Opti Workstation, 120V AC $12.91
67058-8 Replacement Back Door for Opti Workstation $38.24

Pony Sandblaster
Buffalo Dental Sandblasters
  • Tightly sealed left-side neoprene glove and top window keep dust enclosed in cabinet
  • On/Off power switch on cord for convenient control of cabinet illumination
  • Efficient unit requires only 60 to 90 psi compressed air (compressor not included) for effective operation
  • Use for removing unwanted investment, oxide, heat scales, and burs from castings and for preparing work for finishing
  • Small size (11 1/4" x 10 1/2" x 10 5/8") fits easily on most countertops
  • Complete unit includes air tubing, air gun, glove, light bulb, and 5 lbs. of silica blasting media
Item #
75810 Silica Blasting Media, 5 LB Bag $22.95
116106 Replacement Window for Pony Sandblaster $17.21
116350 Replacement Rubber Glove for Pony Sandblaster (left hand, size 11) $7.27

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