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PerioStar 3000 Instrument Sharpening Device

PerioStar 3000 Instrument Sharpening Device INTEGRAlife Miltex Instruments & Products

The PerioStar 3000 instrument sharpening device by Miltex Inc. is a motorized system for precise sharpening of dental hygiene instruments. The PerioStar 3000 instrument sharpening device is the only system in the world that does not rely on the human hand to dictate instrument movement and pressure during the sharpening procedure.

The PerioStar 3000 unit has a unique fixation device that securely clamps the instrument in place for sharpening. Once in place, the sharpening head is brought into contact with the instrument, providing 50 grams of pressure. After the unit is turned on, the revolving plate is rotated, moving the stone across the cutting edge. The PerioStar 3000 instrument sharpening device maintains a sharpening angle of 78 degrees and follows the precise geometry of the instrument. Because the instrument is held in place and the machine provides the pressure, reproducible results are achieved regardless of who operates the system.

PerioStar 3000 Features and Benefits


  1. Fixation device locks
  2. Produces razor
  3. Stone follows precise
  4. Stone produces
  5. Coarse stone
  6. Motor reverses direction


  • Consistent, reproducible instrument in place sharpening results
  • Reduces treatment time and hand sharp instruments fatigue, improves patient comfort
  • Maintains original geometry of instrument shape of instrument
  • Extends instrument life by removing 50 grams of pressure only a small amount of metal
  • Can reconteur hand is available sharpened instruments
  • No need to smooth the face on left and right side of the instrument, no wire edges are formed

Sharpening Stones

Sharpening Stones INTEGRAlife Miltex Instruments & Products

Superfine sharpening stone (white)

Application: Sharpening after every patient and polishing.

Medium sharpening stone (pink)

Application: Routine sharpening and finishing Instrument-saving reconteuring

Coarse sharpening stone (blue)

Application: Sharpening of excessively dull instruments or those requiring reconteuring. NOT for daily sharpening!

* Sharpening stones are autoclavable

How to Use the PerioStar 3000 Sharpening device

How to Use the PerioStar 3000 Sharpening device INTEGRAlife Miltex Instruments & Products

Why sharpen dental hygiene instruments?

  • Hygiene instruments operate best when they are razor sharp and as true to their original shape as possible
  • Sharp instruments can reduce hand fatigue by reducing the pressure applied to remove calculus and reduce the number or strokes needed to remove calculus and debris
  • Sharp instruments can save time by reducing the number of strokes per patient

When to sharpen dental hygiene instruments?

  • Instruments should be sharpened at the first sign of dulling
  • New instruments can dull in as few as 10 – 15 strokes
  • For best results, instruments should be sharpened after every use
New Instrument Tip INTEGRAlife Miltex Instruments & Products

PerioStar 3000 sharpening device can save a Practice Time and Money

  • Prolonged instrument life reduces instrument cost per hygienist

> PerioStar 3000 sharpening device preserves 2 times the material of the cutting edge when compared to manual sharpening1

> By removing less material each time you sharpen your instruments, you increase the life span of your instruments1

  • Dull instruments require more chair time, increase hand and wrist fatigue and compromise patient care
  1. > A dull instrument requires more pressure to be applied, and additional strokes leading to hand and wrist fatigue
    • Stainless steel instruments can dull after only 15 strokes*
    • After 45 strokes, the lateral and facial surfaces are significantly dull 1
  2. > Dull instruments can also slip on debris and calculus, which can cause damage to the root surface or soft tissue lacerations1
PerioStar 3000 INTEGRAlife Miltex Instruments & Products




3000US PerioStar 3000, Instrument Sharpening Device $988.87
3019US PerioStar 3000, Coarse Replacement Stones (Blue), 2 per pack $62.34
3020US PerioStar 3000, Medium Replacement Stones (Pink), 2 per Pack $96.50
3021US PerioStar 3000, Super Fine Replacement Stones (White), 2 per Pack $63.25
3022US PerioStar 3000, Sharpening Paste, 20 mL, Set of 2 Tubes $34.67
3023US PerioStar 3000, A crylic Test Rods, 5 per Pack $27.70
3024US PerioStar 3000, Protective Cap for Instruments, 5 per Pack $15.25
3025US PerioStar 3000, Magnetic Crossbeam, 5 per Pack $39.58

Dental Equipments

Sharpening Stones, Honing Oil, Sticks, Sharpeners

Sharpening Stones, Honing Oil, Sticks, Sharpeners INTEGRAlife Miltex Instruments & Products

Miltex sharpening stones and honing oil provides clinicians with the proper tools for reestablishing an instrument's proper cutting edge. The sharpening stones are available in the most popular types and shapes: Arkansas No. 4 fine flat stone, Arkansas fine conical stone, India No. 1 fine flat stone, India No. 6 medium wedge, India No. 309 fine stone and a variety of Thompson PrecisionT synthetic stones.

Miltex honing oil should be used in conjunction with the Arkansas and India stones. The honing oil helps facilitate movement across the stone, reducing friction and the problem of metallic particles embedding into the stone surface. The Thompson Precision synthetic stones do not require any lubrication. All stones should be sterilized after use.

These sticks can be sterilized and are used for checking instrument sharpness/edge.




STN-ARK-CON Stone, A rkansas Conical $28.05
STN-ARK-FLT-4 Stone, A rkansas No. 4 Flat $20.87
STN-IND-CON-309 Stone, India No. 309, Fine Grit $21.81
STN-IND-FLT-1 Stone, India No. 1 Flat, Fine Grit $21.81
STN-IND-WDG-6 Stone, India No. 6 Wedge, Medium Grit $21.81
STN-OIL Oil, Honing $9.36
SP2 DOUBLE G RIT Precision synthetic stone $36.12
SPC COARSE Precision synthetic stone $22.49
SPM MEDIUM Precision synthetic stone $21.68
SPF FINE Precision synthetic stone $22.49
DTS Thompson Sharpening test stick black (6) $11.99
DTST Thompson Sharpening test stick clear (6) $11.99

Dental Equipments

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